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11-25-2008, 02:45 PM
I am trying to find a set of bridge rollers for my Pilot PRO5. After adjusting the neck and bridge I have found that the groove in the rollars are all the same size which the B and E ride too high. Do you know who made the bridge or who has parts? Also I think that the nut was originally cut for a EADGC configuration and was later filed to accept a B to G string set. The B sits high and the G sits low in the nut. I am also going to replace the plastic nut with bone. Does anyone stock guild replacements or will I have to have it custom cut?

All of the other picks of roller bass bridges that I have seen on the net have gooves of varying size.

I am using my Lakeland 55-02 and Musicman Stingray as a rough guide. I know that there are differances between the basses, but there is no reason why I can't get the same low action and playability

Mine pickup selector knob was also wired wrong from factory. I have since re-soldered the wires to the correct position.

Thanks for any and all advise,


11-25-2008, 08:14 PM
Welcome, although I can't help because Pilots are newer than my experience :-) Maybe krysh or Grot will be along with some ideas.

11-25-2008, 10:23 PM
hey darren,
if you have a pro5 it should be a schaller 3d bridge, on the older pilots they mounted a mueller bridge which is out of production, but from time to time they are available at ebay.
replacements for the pro 5 should be not difficult to find, if you ask schaller directly:
http://schaller-electronic.com/hp1613/C ... 4cdc5X51c5 (http://schaller-electronic.com/hp1613/Contact.htm?ITServ=CY39bf9X11dd574cdc5X51c5)