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Thread: 1996 Westerly made A-50 Concert Flat Top

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmarama View Post
    The nut size is all good with me, but the scale length - is that an even longer scale than a Martin dread?
    According to Martin's page, current D-18 is 25.4", so that's .225" shorter.
    Guess your fingers would have to be the judge about whether that makes a difference for you, but Guild "playability" is pretty legendary even outside this place.
    The 25-5/8" spec was Guild 's standard "long-scale" length all the way up through Corona at least (I think they went to 25.5 in Tacoma, can't recall, but definitely by New Hartford ).
    Their standard "shortscale" length which you'll find on most eras of F30's is 24-3/4", but you're back to a 1-11/16 nut, although that could vary up to almost the full 1-3/4 due to the way necks were finished in Westerly:
    Every single one's unique because they were all hand finished. For that matter an A50 from '96 might actually have such a thin neck that you find you still don't like it.
    Westerly necks from the era tended towards the shallow depth side. I love it on my '96 D25 for example.
    The thread Gilded posted a link to is a perfect recap of the polarized opinions about 'em, and why I mentioned that maybe it's worth a try, if "dry woody" is the sound you're after.
    Otherwise those mentions of later era F30's with 1-3/4 nuts are very good, I tend to forget about those, if you're ok with the 25.5 scale.
    And be aware that only the "Standards" had the 1-3/4 nut, the upscale "Aragon" had the 1-11/16.
    I'd have agree with opinions that, assuming both guitars are in the same very very very good condition that a 2013 F30R with an asking price of $975 is a no-brainer choice between the two.
    New Hartford was at the top of its game in '13 and many Westerly loyalists came around to acknowledging that they might just be the best Guilds ever, with lighter more resonant builds, bone nut and saddle, and improved truss rods.
    Ah, one other thing: One of the cost-saving measure on "Standards" was a satin finish neck, it's still NCL but not buffed to a high gloss.
    Some guys love it, some guys hate it. Over time your thumb'll smooth it out anyway but you may not like the "feel" even if you're ok with the aesthetics.
    The F30RLS mentioned was a longscale F30 with rosewood back, it was a late '90's Westerly Custom Shop model IIRC, but very low production in any case.
    THAT would be a very desirable piece in the market, but it would have the 1-11/16 nut spec'd even though it might have come out a little wider.
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    And to set the record straight, the seller on that F-30R is two years off.

    Serial Number places it in 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neal View Post
    By the way, the F-30R Standard linked to above has a 1 3/4" nut. And Adirondack spruce bracing.
    Damn! That would bookend very nicely with the F-30 you used to have that I got from Killdeer. It is even from the same year.

    I have to put this out of my mind somehow . . .

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