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Thread: My favorite cheap guitar

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    My first acoustic guitar is my Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500M. I think I paid $300 for it from the county sheriff. It has been my favorite over both the Martin and Taylor guitars I had. The Martin was very nice I will say, but I was too worried about dinging it up. The Epiphone is very loud with no pickups, and it plays effortlessly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbesickles View Post
    My first acoustic guitar is my Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500M. I think I paid $300 for it from the county sheriff. It has been my favorite over both the Martin and Taylor guitars I had. The Martin was very nice I will say, but I was too worried about dinging it up. The Epiphone is very loud with no pickups, and it plays effortlessly.
    Wow, a Masterbilt is one heck of a nice thing to have as a "cheap" guitar. And at $300, I guess it actually was cheap!

    My cheapie is a Samick OM-5, which I leave out in my living room. The top is solid (though not the back and sides), the neck is very comfortable, and if it sounds a bit thinner than a Guild, and lacks some nuance, well, what do you expect for a bit over $200 new? I got it as a Father's Day present in 2006, when my then-18-month-old daughter was endangering my D25 whenever I played it around her.

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    Here's mine: Dearmond T400

    I owned 5 or 6 Dearmond guitars. This was the one I wanted most, never saw or played one until last month:

    Found the listing on a local CL. Went over hoping to find a guitar that could be used for jazz (been taking lessons awhile now) and more. That's exactly what I found. It's easily the best of Dearmonds I've had, at this point the best cheaper guitar I've had. A near perfect neck shape. Solid build, quality look and feel. Wonderful sound, stiff but precise Bigsby action. The owner had done this guitar right. Put on a bone nut, had it setup, had new string slots cut in the Bigsby aluminum bridge, which clearly had come to him on this guitar from another one with narrower string spacing. I suspect he also swapped in better pots.

    Only change I made was to pull the plastic spacer from under the Bigsby spring, slightly adjust polepieces. I'm playing this guitar a lot now for jazz practice, just as much as two Heritage archtops which cost three times as much.

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    I'm resurrecting this thread cuz I think its interesting.

    I've had two "cheap" guitars that I loved. The first was the first guitar I bought with my own money. It was a 70s Takamine "Lawsuit" guitar. Sounded great, but always needed work. And, boy, did I ever beat that thing up. It's been sitting in my parents basement in a case for a few years now because I fell with it on stage and now it needs some serious neck work (the fretboard started coming away from the neck for starters).

    The second is what I spend most of my time at home playing. It's a Simon and Patrick folk guitar. I picked it up for like $350 on a pretty good deal at my local shop. It's not a really amazing sounding guitar by any means, but there's something very pleasant about its tone and it is short scale and plays like a dream. I do most of my songwriting on it.

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    I'm a sucker for under the radar inexpensive but good quality guitars. I currently have a Cort Matt Guitar Murphy which I got on Ebay several years ago for $225. It's an amazing PRS type solid body, a great gigging guitar. I also have a 70's vintage Conn folk guitar, made in Japan - sounds great, a PRS SE EG, And a sweedish Hagstrom 335. In the past I've owned several DeArmonds (all great), A Peavey T-60, A Yamaha 102s, a Samick Ray Benson tele, etc. One dog I regretted buying was a G&L Tribute ASAT - awful neck, cheesy sound - nothing close to a real G&L.

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    My cheap guitar is a Harmony Sovereign, late 50s/early 60s. Cost about $100, had a neck reset that didn't cost anything-luthier owed me a favor. I've had several of them over the years, used to see them at tag sales for $15-20, I'd play them for a while and then give away to a student or someone wanting to learn by themselves.
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    my cheapest guitar is my Del Vecchio Dinamico ($35), but it's no cheap guitar ....

    ut my favorite cheap, cheap guitar is my '79 Ibanez M-340 ... sweet maple dread
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    Steve, those are awesome guitars! Th at Del Vecchio looks like a really interesting instrument in general.

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    When my son and I started lessons his blue Yamaha was on backorder so I went to a locally owned music shop and got a Recording King Dirty Thirties to use until his arrived. It was $200 new and they threw in a gig bag. It has a very nice sound for a cheapie, even our teacher was impressed with it and was surprised that it was so inexpensive. I am not concerned should it get dinged up, but so far it hasn't. It stays in tune very well and I was not afraid to order a cheapie pick guard that I trimmed to fit and stuck on. The only problem is the end pin won't stay put so can't use a strap with it. Not a big issue, I'm generally sitting when I torture a guitar.

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    I own 2 guitars that are laminated and imported. Neither was all that cheap to me in the late 70's early 80's

    My Madeira A-2 has somehow improved over the years, much more than I.

    It sits out all year, plays like an electric and really has a great, deep sound for an F-20 copy, very resonant and can handle a strum.

    The other is an Ibanez V 302 series 12 string I bought used around 1984. Still sits out but doesn't hold a candle to the Guild 12's
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