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Thread: Guild X700

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    Hans, what's the date/serial number cutoff point for the switch from HB-1s to SD-1s? My '94 (#16) has HB-1s, but I'm thinking OP's looks like it's got SD-1s.

    '66 Starfire XII (sunburst) SOLD
    '71 S-100 (natural) SOLD
    '74 Starfire VI (walnut/mahogany body) TRADED
    '94 X-700 (natural)

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    I bet that's a volume two answer. :)

    It's certainly not proof, but I've only seen '94s with HB1s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansmoust View Post
    That would make it an X-700 completed close to the end of 1995.

    Hans Moust
    Thanks, now I know

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