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Thread: Pics from Three of a Perfect Pair - Colony Woodstock 11 Aug 2017

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    Pics from Three of a Perfect Pair - Colony Woodstock 11 Aug 2017

    Last night's show was phenomenal. Small venue and great seats on the balcony railing. I had a chance to speak with Adrian before the show. I was asking about his pick and he went up on stage, grabbed it and said this is the one I'll be using tonight. He uses Ice Pix Stix and he stuck it on the lens of my glasses to show me how it didn't leave a sticky residue. I did give him the pick back. Julie Slick (Adrian's Power Trio bassist) sat in on quite a few tunes and Stickmen's Markus Reuter played almost every tune as well. Several drummers rotated in and out to complement Pat Masteletto. Alot of nice back and forth syncopations. 2 hours of bliss!

    Nice chat with Adrian before the show:

    Set list:

    Tony Levin's Stick and bass:

    Markus's Touch Guitar:

    View from our seats:

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