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Thread: First Love I've Shown to the Breedlove!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by F312 View Post
    Hey tom, check that string gun, mine stopped and had leaky batteries. Sprayed some deoxit to clean and it's working again.

    I started using Energizer Ultimate lithium AA's and AAA's in most of my battery powered devices. I had a really nice (i.e., expensive) Fenix flashlight in the car glove box that was ruined by 8 leaking Duracell alkaline batteries. When I called Fenix to see if I could get replacement parts, they shipped me a new flashlight. They have a customer for life now.
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    Always nice to read about Tom and his Blue Guitar which i think would make a great title for a children's book!

    I string my guitars constantly because I have so many. I do it on my lap while watching movies on my computer and also treat the fretboard and frets with Gorgomyte in the process.

    When I was in high school and playing my S300AD to death, I brought it in for fret leveling and the guy who ran the shop gave me hell for using old strings. Rusty strings are like rubbing a rope saw across your frets so if you keep your strings fresh your frets will last longer. As a result I cannot stand old strings and I also have not needed a fret job on any of my guitars in decades. If I pull out a guitar that's been sitting and the strings aren't smooth like new it immediately gets a new set. The only guitar that doesn't always have new strings on it is my Taylor and that gets Elixer Nanowebs which I find to be amazing.

    And yes, I buy strings by the case.
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    I finally have the picture thing figured out. here are my two Breedloves.[/img]

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    Hey ez, thanks for sharing the photos!! Those are some SUPER nice looking Breedlove's you've got there!! I love the pinless bridge and the sound is amazing!!
    Tom in Vegas

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