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Thread: Late 1950's Guild acoustic

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    here's some better pictures of the guitar-

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilded View Post
    Hi folks,

    I did a little googling and found 'Vinny Roberts Studios' in the Bronx. An accordion site talks about the connection between VR Studios both teaching and selling accordians to students in Catholic Schools in the '60s.


    “At 11 years old I begin three years of study with Vinny Roberts Studio 1962-1965. The Vinny Roberts Studio on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx, NY, comes to the Roman Catholic Schools to give lessons.”

    That's all I got! Harry/gilded
    Very cool! Thanks Harry!
    So that photo of the gentleman playing the guitar might fit into the location and time period (as far as being mr. Roberts). Looks like NYC. Never heard back from that woman who took the photograph, however looks like she is from NJ originally.

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    It needs to have some TLC.
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