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Thread: Import Guilds with short Scale and 1 3/4" nut

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    Incidentally, I played a bigger box for 3 hours at a gig saturday and my shoulder was killing me next morning. The smaller box hasn't done that before. So ... hard to say. Coincidence is entirely possible too though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westerly Wood View Post
    sorry to hear re possible surgery...I find that smaller bodies cause me more pain in the right shoulder as the dread size kind of holds my shoulder. hard to say. but i go play an F20 and i feel more pain. yikes...was kind of hoping that would be my backup plan if the Br ever gets too much for me.

    i hope surgery is not needed for you TMG...maybe just a cortizone shot?
    Already getting shots in my right shoulder and left thumb.
    I will try the shots in my left shoulder before surgery becomes an option.
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    Have you experimented with either your seating position, or the way that you hold a guitar?

    Classical-guitar position might be more comfortable for your right shoulder.
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