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Thread: Newark St. Starfire II Flamed Maple!

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    Newark St. Starfire II Flamed Maple!

    not sure if this has been covered already but...

    FLAMED MAPLE STARFIRE BASS!!!! for a premium
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    That is gorgeous although I wish the Newark Street Collection would go for something a but more neutral and cosmetically pleasing for the tip of the pickup toggle.
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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    Great: I've already been lusting after a green NS SFII, now this!

    BTW: does anyone know for certain from first-hand observation whether the green ones also have maple bodies? There seems to be some confusion about that.

    Now, if they bring out a non-signiture sunburst one, my G.A.S. will reach terminal heights.

    I don't really need another NS SF anyway...
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    The website seems to indicate that the green bodies are mahogany, but the grain in the PICs I've seen looks more like maple (though not flamed). Have not been able to examine one in the flesh.

    If the eventual street prices of these new, flamed maple ones follow what's happened to that of the other finishes, I'd bet that the FMs will wind up at about $1K even or just over once the initial excitement dies down (unless their run is extremely limited). I've seen several new or mint natural SF-IIs go for $700-$900 during the last year. Even the green ones sometimes seem to go for under $1K now.

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    and keep in mind that the kids who work at guitarcenter probably won't know the difference between the maple and the mahogany models when they come in used, so there's good potential for a future deal there ;)
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