I can't find it but there was a thread with pics a few years ago that showed someone working on a Starfire guitar's wiring. They had clear tubing and fishing line and everything was arranged so that it was easy to put back together. The tubing was sized so the interior diameter was snug on the pot shaft and the exterior fit through the hole in the body. You put the tube on, do what you need to pull the pot out of the f hole, the tubing comes along for the ride. But when you are done you pull on the tubing, the pot works its way to the right place and because you did everything right with the tubing the shaft of the pot is threaded back into the hole. (I'm thinking the fishing line was for backup. If the tube comes off, there is still something that can get the pot close to the hole).

I understand you are comfortable with what you did with the Ric and are willing to extrapolate to the Starfire, but if this were my project I would invest the time to identify the probable hum source since the solutions are not the same. On the other hand if you are dead set on replacing the pots with a taper that is more to your liking then hum reduction is a nice side benefit but does not define success or failure.