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Thread: 1958 M-65 Cherry Finish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermonter View Post
    First... how unusual is the cherry finish? I haven’t seen any. It seems these are usually sunburst.
    I think you're right, I don't think Cherry was that common, that early.
    While looking for clues of a possible re-fin, in the "full frontal" photo, the shade strikes me as "correct" although just a wee bit "blotchy".
    That could be just due to lighting and the 'hog top, though.
    The headstock face is simply "unfinished", no lacquer was applied after faceplate was removed.
    The more I look though, the more I think it's original finish.
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    Would rock it on a regular basis.

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    Vermonter, can you tell if the top is maple or mahogany? According to The Guild Guild Book, laminated mahogany and the associated cherry finish was introduced with the Starfire instruments, which came a few years after 1958 (I think.)

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