So, in the last few weeks, I’ve sold 2 guitars and, now, 1 amp. But, don’t worry, I haven’t stopped buying, it just wasn’t a Guild.
The latest acquisition to the all-too full stable of amps is a 1966 Supro Thunderbolt. There’s been lots of discussion and debate on whether a certain famous guitarist (initials jp) did, or did not, use this to record the first album(s) of a certain band (initials lz). To be honest, I really couldn’t care less. (If I did, I would now have a Custom Hiwatt DR103 full stack deafening the Appalachian region as we speak.) I just loved how these sounded.
It’s a really simple circuit, but it pushes some monster tone through its 15” speaker.
I think it has a pretty unique and attractive package, too!