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Thread: "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    Unless you had a new car, you had to install an FM converter to get it. At least for me, the used cars I drove as a teen and in college were only AM. I installed a converter in a '68 Mustang in '78. First time I had FM in the car.


    Did you also install the mandatory "Power Booster"?

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    I swapped out the AM-only radio in my first car, a '71 Plymouth Satellite, for an AM/FM/cassette gizmo and the mandatory Jensen speaker array. This would've been c. late 1978. It thumped pretty nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guilds of Grot View Post
    Did you also install the mandatory "Power Booster"?
    Absolutely! For the '68 Mustang, a convertible, I also has speakers installed in the front doors, since there was no back "deck" to put them in. And yes, a cassette player!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shihan View Post
    Most cars back then only had AM radios.
    Right. My '75 Monza only had AM even available.
    You had to move up to a Caprice to even be able to get an FM option, up until the full-sizes like Riviera and Olds Toronados and 98's.
    I think it was only "standard" on Cadillacs.
    I was amazed a couple of years back when one of our members reported a '73(?) Buick Apollo (Chevy Nova clone) that actually had no radio at all. (In a Buick?!?, I asked)
    He explained that it was a "fleet" model, like a barebones stripper to be modified for taxi or city employee type duty.
    Think it was even a 3-speed manual .
    But you could buy one for yourself if you wanted.
    First car I ever had with standard AM/FM was an '80 RX-7.
    But I think my buddy's dad's '74 Mustang II Ghia had it.
    Seem to recall cruising while tuned to the local underground FM stations in that one.
    I'm sure it was an option, though.
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