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Thread: Jimi Hendrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum Strummer View Post
    I think it was the first New Year's Eve show that Bill Graham was displeased with. He seemed to feel Jimi was showboating rather than playing. Nonetheless the second shows on both nights are IMO stronger than the first ones, at least as heard on recordings. The first New Year's Day show did feature that performance of Machine Gun along with Who Knows from the original Band Of Gypsys album. -Dave-
    Nope Dave -- the Graham / Hendrix story is about the New Year's Day 1970 shows. See the gjmalcyon's *Rolling Stone* link above, from which I copied this quote:

    “I will never again see a performance by a guitarist-vocalist with that intensity, with that total emotional impact,” says promoter Bill Graham of Hendrix’s second set on New Year’s Day. “It was like an adagio dance. The guitar was the snake, and he was the snake charmer.”

    (Thanks for posting that link gjm -- I'd not seen the article before.)


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    Ah, my bad. I found a piece on the net claiming Machine Gun on the Band Of Gypsy album was from the first New Year's Day show, and shoulda checked this with other sources (and my own copy of the four shows). The piece is wrong: Machine Gun is from the second NYD show.

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    It’s impressive how different from each other the four versions of “Machine Gun” are.

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    Bump for new content:

    Any time I see “Hendrix on acoustic” I expect to see the old 12-string take of “Hear My train a-Comin’ “ from Experience and A Film About Jimi Hendrix

    THIS is the most exciting new Hendrix material I've seen or heard in years, thanks to our buddy Nuuska over in the Song Title Game thread.
    Sounds to me like a mashup of "Stone Free" and "Izabella", maybe he's just playing riffs off the top of his head.
    If so, further evidence of his genius.
    But it looks period correct for about early-to-mid '69 when "Stone Free" got a re-release and "Izabella" would have been in development for Band of Gypsys, maybe?.
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    That clip has been around quite a while. Here's another link with it from 2014:

    According to the youtube title , it's a variation on "Hound Dog", and you can hear the lyrics as he's singing - at 1:05 he starts...

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