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Thread: Guild S-100 Deluxe STEREO

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    I was genuinely bummed when I discovered my Rickenbacker 360's (a 1995 v64 reissue) two output jacks didn't include Ric-O-Sound stereo but were just dual mono. I'd intended to use it for direct stereo recording as well as into an amp in normal mono. So instead I ended up just doubling rhythm parts on separate tracks, one neck pickup and the other bridge. :)

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    I have Deluxe and a Guild TRC that says Stereo. Should I dare to do a mod?!

    Likely not. If I did it would be to a NS model with the mini buckers and a HB1 added to added middle pup or bridge position.

    Come to think if it...anyone know if the triple switch plate from the TBird is available from Guild or other?

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    Welcome to the LTG! I have a Deluxe too but not stereo.
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    Hello Guild experts. I have the guitare now. Everything is not stock. I can see 1 pot shanged. Maybe more?

    Stereo switch, i don't know. I took photos. Yeah the guitar was refinished. But i don't know how it was maid.

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    GREAT set of pics!
    I feel so sorry for Hans that the cover plate label looks illegible if not outright torn off, but he sees stuff most folks wouldn't even know to look for, so hopefully they're still useful to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    ...the cover plate label looks illegible if not outright torn off
    Too bad the oval Westerly label was removed almost completely. I wonder why somebody would remove it, especially as the serial number is still on the headstock. But it's a cool used guitar!

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    Super cool guitar. Fantastique!

    The Stereo-Mono switch looks too new to be original but who knows...

    Regarding the phase switch, it will be most useful when combining pickups - so pickup selector in middle position & Stereo-Mono switch set to mono. To really get lots of variable tones in this position reduce one or the other volume knobs - a change of even 1 or 1.5 positions on the dial makes quite a difference. Lots of room to explore & experiment here.

    The phase switch generally changes the phase on the bridge pickup. You will probably notice a subtle change when activated when bridge alone is selected - one position will be slightly beefier in my experience but it's not necessarily consistent, depending on the amp & how far away you are from it. I think it's down to the phase relation from input to output from the amp & how far you are from the speakers.
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    Thank you all for comments. Whole electronic system works very well. I can hear a real difference with the phase switch.

    I will by a stereo cable to check the stereo sound, but i expect it will be okay.

    After, the guitar needs a setup, i can do it, i believe, even i am not a professional. I need the right tool for the truss rod. Should be 6 mm?

    But, even without any setup, the guitar is just a LETHAL WEAPON in terms of sound.

    The weight and the metal of the bigsby give a sustain and a suplementary biting sound to a SG all mahogany guitar.

    It's a great combination with originals HB1.

    Otherwise, it seems that she was BLUE in original finish? Some photos:

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