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Thread: A New Hartford-built Fender Kingman

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    A New Hartford-built Fender Kingman

    LMG attendees may remember seeing "Antigua" Fender Kingman guitars being built in the New Hartford factory in the Ren Ferguson days. This appears to be a later (and better-looking) edition of that guitar. The less-than-stellar reputation of Fender-branded acoustic guitars in general has likely depressed it's resale value (my opinion only) but I'd bet that it's a super-nice guitar for the money.

    And, I don't care for the headstock, either!
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    Pretty nice looking guitar with interesting appointments. I'm not in the market for something like this but would really like to hear what it sounds like. I've only ever owned 2 Fender acoustics and they were way back in the day. Both were lousy but I know they've built some decent ones in recent years. A couple members here have them I think and if memory serves me right they are happy with them.
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    That head on acoustic just wrongs me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JF-30 View Post
    That head on acoustic just wrongs me.
    Same here, and that's what I thought when I first saw one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dapmdave View Post
    This appears to be a later (and better-looking) edition of that guitar.
    Yes, this is a 2014 New Hartford one.

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    I agree the headstock seems a bit weird on an acoustic. Here's a clip of one being played, it sounds good!

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    I never had that type of headstock like that before on a acoustic, but it's not a deal breaker for me. The run out on top is what I don't like. I'm going to contact the seller, I think I'm interested in this one, and I have too many guitars as it is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JF-30 View Post
    That head on acoustic just wrongs me.
    Same for lotsa folks. But I recall talking with a factory employee and the target audience was a Strat or Tele player who wanted thensize/feel of the electric neck, Fender brand and a nice acoustic sound. There was definitely a suggestion that anyone who wanted a fine acoustic guitar could do better with other instruments from the same factory.
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    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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    I remember that in 60-70 that Fender headstock on acoustic guitar looked quite fancy - because of Fender - but after that time it is more and more downright uglier - or more peculiar or grotesque or . . .
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    I stumbled across a few NOS Fenders made in the New Hartford factory when looking for New Hartford Guilds. A shop owner who had both at one time told me the Fenders do not sound like Guilds, regardless of what the Reverb poster implies in his description. Below are some videos where you can get the general idea of the different tones.

    Video of a Fender - with Rosewood Back & Sides

    Video of the Fender Master Builds - Maple Back & Sides

    Video of Guilds (A D55/Rosewood is included in this demo)

    I couldn't find a video of the exact Fender for sale, but I think you can get the general idea. Who knows? It might be your cup of tea? I just thought I would pass along some information in case you're considering it and want to make an informed decision.

    - Robert
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