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Thread: Songbird conversion

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    Songbird conversion

    Been thinking of picking up an X-150 or something to use on some songs in a duo thing I do. I've been toying with this conversion for a while, as I have too many acoustics and not playing the Songbird much. Well, I finally did it. It actually came out real nice. Will try it at the gig this week. I may still pick up an X-150,not sure, need to sell an acoustic first.

    PETA statement: No Songbirds were harmed in the making of this conversion. No holes drilled etc. :>)
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    Besides the obvious "What's holding it in place?" question, I'm wondering what year that 'bird is?
    It's showing some of that real nice silking in the top that seems pretty typical of mid-'90's to end of Westerly spruce, even their "standard" stuff .
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    Now you've done it. A "how-to" is required.
    - besides before buying more guitars I should learn to play better . . . Nuuska
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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    Besides the obvious "What's holding it in place?" question, I'm wondering what year that 'bird is?
    It's showing some of that real nice silking in the top that seems pretty typical of mid-'90's to end of Westerly spruce, even their "standard" stuff .
    1997 :>)

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    Did you change the wiring so the output is stereo? Originally there is stereo jack, where the "ring" contact closes battery ground. Since you have that plate in soundhole, you could put the preamp on-off switch onto that in order not to harm any living songbirds. Would still be reversible. Output with insert-cable ( stereo-plug into two mono plugs ) lets you connect both mics into separate preamps / amps / amp channels . Number one choice pickup would be tip and the other would be ring on output jack, thus allowing use with regular guitar cord.
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    That looks Awesome Swiveltung! I know pickup types are mainly a tone preference among individual players but the only thing that could make that any cooler was if you had mounted and Original Guild HB-1 from the 70's or 80's into it. The conversion looks nice and clean like it could have left the factory in that configuration. Great Job, Now how does it sound?

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    Yeah, I just used a GIbson pickup I had laying around. It sounds good. Fairly compressed, but also real toneful and sweet. I dont know that it's the pickup or what as far as compression and warm. . Actually nice for jazzy tones. I'm finding I have to turn the treble on the Fishman Acoustic mini amp way up. I thought with no tone or volume controls on the guitar it would be bright if anything. I havent tried it with my Fishman outboard preamp yet. Hopefully that will work out. I have some flat mini tone/vol controls meant for sticking on a pickguard I could try to add. Just wanted to see if I like the result first. It's kind of a Bluesbird at this point I guess!

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    Very cool. As soon as I saw the 4 screws, I had a feeling you just used them to pull wood strips up, from underneath.
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