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Thread: GF-60 (Maple) and G-45 ?

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    Thanks everyone. I have not checked back in here in a bit, and appreciate the info. Kate, I am the one that asked you the question about the D-30 on reverb, so it's a small world.
    I am actually waffling between a 1989 GF-60 and an '85 G-47 (Hank). I've only played the Hank though. Both are in the same $1800 to $2000 price range. I really like the feel of the ebony boards on the Guilds--at least on the Hank Jr that I played.
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    Nothing to add really,! Those GF60's are really beautiful!

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    I bought the Hank Jr. I couldn't get it out of my head.

    Thanks to you all on this forum for the assistance.

    Some pics:

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    I just can't think of much that's more sexy than the wonderful grain/look you can get from a quality Maple guitar. Congrats!!!!! It's a looker for sure.
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    That is one good looking Guild Nid2007! I have learned over the years that if something like that Hank Jr. model keeps haunting your soul a bit after playing it then there is really nothing else that is going to satisfy that itch for you. The only thing you are left with most of the time is a lifetime of regret if you let it slip away. Congrats on going after what you wanted and may you enjoy it for a long time to come!

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    That sure is a good looking guitar. Congrats!
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    Beautiful guitar and great pics!
    One of the cleanest HJs I've seen - great score and congrats!

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    Inner peace is a wonderful feeling--but with guitars "temporarily" is often a key word. Absolutely, a stunning guitar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nid2007 View Post
    I bought the Hank Jr. I couldn't get it out of my head.
    Hey even if the initial infatuation fades and you wind up moving on, you'll know you at least had one in hand to know what it was like!

    So I was looking at the back of my own F65ce recently, something I don't do often enough, and turned it sideways instead of "standing up" and all of a sudden saw the figuring in a wayI'd never really seen it before; the tiger striping effect was suddenly even more visible.
    Then I started looking at it from the bottom to the top from a plane close to parallel with the back and as the actual grain lines became visually predominant I thought to myself:
    "The wood has made an organic picture of the water that infused the living tree".
    Yeah I get all flowery sometimes, but really, does any other wood do it so well?
    Yours is showing a lot of that effect in the photo, the figuring looks like ripples in water.
    'At's some nice silking visible around the bridge, too.
    Bet it's even nicer in person.
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