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Thread: Eastman AC822CE-FF Delayed

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    Eastman AC822CE-FF Delayed

    For those that didn't catch a wee little post . I've been wanting a Fan fret/ multi scale acoustic for a while now .

    Thing is I never knew Eastman built one lol. I've check out Eastman guitars for a while on and off just grazing really but I never caught this model until a few weeks back .

    The specs are pretty decent . Eastman says this is thier top model , thier flagship .

    The top is Engleman . I looked into Englemans source locations and it seems there's some tonal differences between orgins . Since Eastman didn't state European /German/moon spruce it must of came from here the U.S. for some reason I didn't think of Canada , sorry folks. lol

    As it turns out Canada is where it comes from and that Engleman has a bit better tone then the U.S's so I read . See I'm making up for not thinking about you folks . Lol ( that's not breaking a rule is it ? I hope not . )

    Here's the full specs ,

    Neck Material:Mahogany ( from what pics I've seen the mahogany is stunning ) hope mine is as well . Lol
    Fingerboard Radius:12"
    Neck Profile:Traditional Even "C"
    Nut:Bone 1-3/4"
    Fretwire:22 Jescar-FW43080
    Scale Length:25.5" Bass Side 24.75" Treble Side
    Body Dimensions:16" x 4 1/4"
    Bracings:Hand Scalloped X
    Body Top:Solid Engleman Spruce
    Body Back/Sides:Solid Rosewood ( they say it's East Indian Rosewood)
    Bridge/Saddle:Ebony/Bone, 2 5/32" Spacing
    Truss Rod:Dual Acting
    Binding:Top, Back, Fingerboard, and Headstock
    Binding Material:Figured Maple
    Logo:Pearl Headstock
    Inlay:Pearl Dots
    Side Dot Color:Black
    Bridge Pins:Ebony w/Abalone Dots
    Body Top Finish:Gloss Nitrocellulose
    Neck Finish:Gloss Nitrocellulose
    Hardware Color:Gold
    Tuners:Gotoh SG301
    Electronics:LR Baggs Anthem
    Strings:D'Addario .012-.053 #EXP16
    Action Height:12th fret 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble side
    Case:Hardshell Case
    Truss Rod Wrench:4mm

    When I ordered it I didn't worry about how long it would take to get here but as the days past I started thinking about it more and more up till today .

    I finally received the email / message that there's trouble at the front . Ohhhhh no no no say it ain't so !? Why yes ,yes it is ! Lol

    So it turns out the guitar didn't pass final inspection and the issue was a cracked finger board .

    The other bummer is that they only make so many a year . I can't tell you what that number is but mine was the last one being built . Ugh .

    The good news is apparently that wasn't the end of the years total just that run so my arrival date is mid June to whenever. lol. I had to add the whatever part myself so I don't start going crazy waiting for it . Haha

    I do have say I'm rather impressed first I'd rather have the issue caught at the plant then in my hands. .
    Next thing is they don't have the mind set of just send it out anyway let's see what happens instead they wouldn't let it go out . That's pretty cool !

    I have no idea what the crack was like was it big or small , hard to see or bam ! right in your face , if it was a hairline that's cool because they caught it . I don't know really .

    I'm sure most manufacturer's would do the same but not all . So Good on Eastman. They earned my respect .

    Ok I rambled on long enough . Tick tock Tick tock ... Lol
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    Oooo I'm only posting here because I like to read my own text .

    So back to Ooooooo it turns out Eastman has a custom shop and for you electric players and acoustic you might be interested in their new models and finishes ! Pretty stuff oh and cool to .

    Ok so after the Ooo and custom shop I was going to say they have a antique burst that's pretty nice though the above model is not listed as available to customize They said they could do only problem it would be a year out . Lol
    Maybe after I play it fall in love with it and I have to have the burst I order one , maybe. Lol
    That's it back to your regularity.

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    Hey Ray I know this is a few months old :)
    Did the Eastman arrive???
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    Yeah. It's past mid June. I don't know if I could even PLAY a fan fret guitar, but I would like to hear about one and see it.
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    Hi - if you're still looking for an 822FF, I have one that's basically brand new, 0 miles on it, at a luthier friend's in Vernon, British Columbia. Always kept at 45%, original everything. Incredible guitar for the price, you don't even notice the angular frets after a minute or two. Think it actually makes the guitar easier to play and the soundport startles you a bit when you first hear it.. Engelman top over EIR, mother of pearl rosette, Gotohs, the works, original hard case. If you're interested lemme know, as it's going up on Reverb very soon.........

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