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    Seeing stuff like this makes me all melancholy. Don had a 1965 Brazilian rosewood Martin D-35 that was the main guitar I learned to play on. Then his semi-ner-do-well brother offered him some land (2 acres) in Athens, GA. Don, being the nice and gullible person he is, gave Dave the Martin as full payment on the land. Years later, we found out he never had title to any land in GA and had sold the Martin rather quickly for a good profit. I know Don was disappointed but I was LIVID and ..... glad I never met that particular brother. Met most of his kids but when they talked about "daddy" my a$$hole squeaked and I had to hold my tongue. Not sure what that land would be worth, but I do know an approximate value of the guitar and it makes me crazy!! (Okay, I know.... short trip, right?) Wish i had it back..... this is a super good deal. They're nice guitars. And it's a Martin!!
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    Nice score!
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    Sweet Martin. Congrats!
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