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Thread: NGD: 1949 Gibson ES-350

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    NGD: 1949 Gibson ES-350

    Purchased a fantastic condition 1949 Gibson ES-350 beauty. It came today and its glorious. Looking forward to some nice time this weekend with it when I have more time to enjoy.

    You can see the entire review, pictures here

    Gibson built some of the best archtop electrics in this era. But my Guild guitars compare nicely and are still a bargain for vintage as compared to Gibson IMHO.

    ES-350 was on my wish list for a while and was glad to have been able to make a deal on this one.
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    Goodness gracious that’s beautiful. P-90’s+archtops= Guitar heaven. You’re in for some fun with that.
    Congratulations and enjoy!
    Shihan= Dennis

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    That's a beautiful instrument!
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    Beautiful! Congratulations!

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    that's my dream guitar, but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one

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    Wow!! That's beautiful!! Is that the original finish on that guitar? Just curious because it's so even and clean. Anyway, congratulations!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by davismanLV View Post
    Wow!! That's beautiful!! Is that the original finish on that guitar? Just curious because it's so even and clean. Anyway, congratulations!!
    From the review:
    "The guitar has very light play wear. The finish is glossy with very minor checking and light scuffs and surface scratches"
    Obviously photographs well when polished up though.

    And yeah, congrats, "CG" !
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    Oooh, that's handsome! I've got a thinner, short-scale ES-350 but this earlier version is a different thing: warm & rich where the thinline is bright & snappy. It oughta play & sound killer. Congrats!

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    I had a blonde one back in the mid-90s. The guitar had been in an attic for years and the top was flattened. My luthier got rid of most of the flatness and that guitar was a wonderful thing to play. I played it one night with a friend on a B3 who could play foot pedals well and it was a blast, one of my all time favorite sounds.

    I might have sold it to a Belgian gent, Walter. Have you ever run across a Blonde 350 with a slightly flattened top?

    harry aka gilded
    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post

    And I like Harry's approach.
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