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Thread: Strangely Guild-ish

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    Strangely Guild-ish

    It's not quite the Guild-alike that the lawsuit Takamines were, but this Fusion Blues FB-600 certainly seems Guild inspired.

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    It could also be said that Guilds are not surprisingly "Epiphone-ish":

    Since so many of their original builders were in fact ex-Epiphone people.
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    what strikes you as particularly Guild about it? At first glance it looks like an L5 shaped body with Gibson style pickups, a gretsch control scheme, Gibson Byrdland-esque tailpiece and epiphone style inlays and pickguard..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Broes View Post
    what strikes you as particularly Guild about it?
    Mainly the headstock which reminds me of the Artist Award, Chesterfield-ish inlay, X-500 body, '50s style pickguard (which admittedly Guild took from Epiphone).

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