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Thread: X-500 problem

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    X-500 problem

    Thereís a weird thing going on with my X-500; when I play a C# on the D string, Iím getting a audible distortion coming through the amp. I thought at first it was the amp, but it has consistently done it with several different amps. I donít feel anything vibrating on the guitar; and it seems like itís just that note.
    I tried to record it, but itís in the background of the note, it wouldnít come through on my cellphone.
    Note: itís definitely not the amp, doesnít happen with other guitars.
    Pretty frustrating; sooner or later when Iím playing Iím gonna need that note.
    Any thoughts?
    Shihan= Dennis

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    Have you changed strings to different brand/gauge?
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    Can you here anything when unplugged ?
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    Loose tuner screws maybe?


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    The strings are fairly new, and the same brand I always use. I can’t hear anything unplugged, and the usual culprits (tailpiece, tuners, PU rings) are not vibrating.
    It definitely sounds like it’s electric in nature. I was convinced it was the amp until I investigated closely. It’s a consistent ‘eeeeeenk’ behind the note.
    I will change the strings, though, and try again to record the sound.
    It’s not real loud, but it’s certainly annoying once you know it’s there.
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    Shihan= Dennis

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    Maybe it's in the strings behind the bridge? Harmonic vibration. Try interweaving something back there?

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    Bridge base maybe resonating with that C#? I've got a similar thing going on right now with my Duo Jet. Think it's one of the (Melita) bridge feet…I get why so many people replace 'em. :)

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    Muting the strings behind the bridge doesn’t change it. It has the original wooden bridge; I can’t hear anything unplugged.
    There’s no indication of anything amiss when played unplugged.
    It really sounds like it’s in the electronics. It’s consistent in sound and volume, and only on that note. I’ve never come across this before, and I’ve played electric guitars a long time.
    It sounds like an amp problem, but it’s not, it’s definitely coming from the guitar. Is it possible the pickups are somehow amplifying a slight fret rattle? I’m stumped. It’s not real loud, but once you hear it, it’s annoying and frustrating.
    Shihan= Dennis

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    Is it on both pickups?
    If only on one, then it could be a loose winding resonating inside pickup.
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    Nuuska, I think you’ve figured it out. The distortion only occurs on the neck PU. Doesn’t happen on the bridge.
    Thanks for your suggestions, guys.
    Now how to fix it....
    Shihan= Dennis

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